10 Reasons to join KiteVenture OBX 5/12-19th

  1. Learn Kiteboarding or take your skills to the next level. Improve and get confident with new tricks, looping, strapless, foiling or anything else you want to accomplish. With daily on & off water coaching.

  2. Experience OBX. KiteWorldMag:  “It’s probably one of the best spots for beginners on the planet and there’s also some solid wave riding just a short walk away on the east coast of the island. Almost unreal!”. National Geographic: “Top 13 places in the world to Kiteboard”. RedBull: “If ever there was a place that most resembled a ski resort-like set-up for kiteboarding, this is it”

  3. Make new friends, who understands your addiction to Kiteboarding.

  4. Improve your fitness and recovery, and get in awesome shape before summer. Dariusz Garko ( GarkoFit founder ) will be running daily workouts focusing on Flexibility, Mobility, Kiteboard Specific Training and Injury Preventive Exercises 

  5. Learn about nutrition while eating delicious local food.

  6. Try new Hype “Onewheel” & get hooked. We are very excited to introduce Onewheel to KiteVenture participants. Not only you’ll have a lots of fun on it but will also improve your carving, strapless & Foiling skills.

  7. Get exited & schooled on SUP Race & Wave techniques by Dariusz Garko, SUP Racer.

  8. Gear Demos. Try gear from leading brands. We will have Twin Tips for demos & Foils ( on  limited basis).

  9. 4*4 Off Road Beach Driving                             

  10. Get epic photo of yourself riding. Part of the team is Rich Caplan. A NYC photographer who has a knack for capturing kiters in addition to being hopelessly addicted to flying kites.